What is Rethink Church ?
There are very few people around that would say that the church is doing all it can to be the salt and light of the world these days. I think we can all agree that Christianity needs a little supercharging. The United Methodist Church has a few ideas. Among these ideas is to try and figure out a way that the church can be more relevant in a very complicated society. Relevancy is a very tricky issue. For some people, relevancy would simply be becoming a sort of modern looking church , one that everyone would think it’s cool to be a part of it . For years Churches have tried to become more relevant , more hip , more with it . Rather than improve the situation it has caused our churches to become useless and rudderless . The United Methodist Bishops have come up with a plan.

It’s called Rethink Church. The objective is to present a church that has many doors, many ways of coming into the Christian faith. It even implies by its title, these are different ways to become aChristian and do church. For far too long we have thought of church in a linear way, one way, one idea and no room for differences. The postmodern world of 21st century dictates to us we must Rethink Church. Today’s church must be seen as a place that is inviting, welcoming and receiving. The church of today must open multiple doors so it can be seen as a place of welcome, as a place of refuge, and more than anything else a place of love and acceptance.

If you click on the links both in the title and contained in his blog post, you will be taken to sites that will allow you to receive a plethora of information about Rethink Church and other revelent topics. Please take the time to follow the links so that you may know more about ways that you can really Rethink church and become a vital missional people.

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  1. Is Rethink Church really "rethinking church" or is it rather thinking of church as Christ thought of church? When I hear the promotional materials "What if church wasn't just a place we go, but something we do…" I think, isn't that what Christ was doing? Why is a huge marketing campaign needed (and don't get me wrong, we need this sort of thing) to encourage us to act what we preach?

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