A Turn in the Journey

The Missional Journey is not a straight path but rather it has many turns and surprises. This month I will begin perhaps the most radical turn that I have undertaken in many years. In an effort to truly live up to the the mission of the UMC–“to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”–I have felt compelled by the Lord to broaden the scope of worship at St. Luke’s. This is being accomplish by the addition of two new worship services.

One is called “The Retreat”. The service features a time of silence,contemplation , prayer and Holy Communion. It primarily seeks to use symbols,quiet music and sacrament to draw us closer to God. It is “Contemplative” in nature.

The other is called “The Highway”. It is a “contemporary” worship time that seeks to use a casual atmosphere, lively music and a focused biblical message to draw people to the Christian journey.

These happenings represent the ongoing growth of my Missional Journey. In the coming months I will attempt to share,with some regularity where this journey is going. Along the way I will be putting small thoughts about ministry, worship and just living and I invite your feedback.

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