God Moments

Psalm 118:24-29

We have all had them. Those special moments frozen in time. Those moments that will be remembered when we are very old and sit daydreaming about life. They are gifts of God to cherish into eternity.

Everything is more sharply focused in that instant, time stands still, the rest of the world disappears. For this one tiny piece of life, everything is more precious, and God grants a brief interlude in the usual business of living.

The stories of the birth of Christ are full of such moments. Imagine the moment when Mary spoke to God’s messenger, Gabriel. Picture the moment when Elizabeth and her unborn child, John the Baptizer, recognized the unborn Messiah and His Mother. See the awe on the faces of simple shepherds listening to a choir from heaven. Watch the puzzled expressions on the faces of the Magi as they researched the strange new star. Witness the joy on the face of the prophetess, Anna, when she looked on the beautiful, innocent face of the infant Jesus.

Advent gives us unusual opportunities for God moments. Touching moments. Funny moments. Heart-breaking moments. Moments that happen once in a lifetime. Moments that reveal our hearts and clarify our faith. The specialness of the season offers moments of forgiveness and reconciliation. Our spirits sense the hope and joy that Christ’s birth gives the world, and miraculous moments come alive. Eternal moments for ministering to others, in the name of Christ present them selves.

If we are not careful, we will let these special times slip by unnoticed. They can never be recalled. Once passed, they are lost in an eternity of seconds, minutes, hours, days. Learn to recognize when you are part of something much larger than yourself. Take notice of “God Moments” in your life this Advent.

Reflection – Remember some special God moments in your life.
Monica Boudreaux

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