Let’s Journal for Lent

OK, you are reading through the Gospel of Mark-What now? Let’s keep a simple journal,below is a sample of what yours might look like.
A Simple Journal Process

Date/Time: March 9,2011

Passage: Mark1:1-1

 First Observations/Keywords:   Son of God,messenger, repentance,forgiveness,confessing, proclaimed, water, baptize ,Holy Spirit, tempted

Main idea/meaning:   John the Baptist was introducing Jesus to the world.

I don’t understand/questions: Why was Jesus baptized? What is the relationship between confession and forgiveness?What was the purpose of the temptation of Jesus?

Right now I believe God wants me to: There is a great need to proclaim the forgiveness of Jesus to our communities.

Prayer:  Lord help me to fine the words and the time to tell others who you are in my life and what you can be for them. Let my Lenten quiet times strenghten me for this task.

This is only and sample of what you might want to do. The questions can be used for further study and journaling.

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