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A Quote for the Day #1

“God has fallen out of containment in religion and into human hearts-God is incarnating. Our whole unconscious is in an uproar from the God Who wants to know and to be known.” 

–C. G. Jung

 The Easter message is that God is no longer confined to the institutions of old Judaism but He lives in our  hearts and minds. This God of Easter(resurrection) is asking you to let Him into every aspect of your life.

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A Good Friday Prayer

In the time between the passing of what was

and the birth of what will be

we find ourselves uncertain – a little lost

We grieve what has gone, and we do not know

what will replace it.

It is a waiting time, a hopeful time

and the one thing we can hold on to is this:

You were there with what was

You will be with what waits to be born

And You are here, in the in-between time.

And so we wait, we hope and we worship.


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