A Thought About Sin

Dr. Carl Meninger, well-known psychiatrist, wrote a book a few years ago entitled, Whatever Became of Sin. In it, he reported how a stern, plainly dressed man appeared on a busy corner of Chicago’s Loop. As people passed by, he would from time-to-time solemnly lift his arm and point to a passerby and say just one word; “Guilty!” Then without changing expression, he would drop his arm. After a few seconds, he would raise his arm again, and with an accusing finger pointing at another person, he would utter that one word indictment: “Guilty!”

The antics of this street preacher had extraordinary results. He caused people to laugh nervously, to rush away from him, and in at least one case, to turn and say, “How did you know?’

It has been nearly forty years since Dr. Meninger wrote that book, but the issue of sin is even more confusing today. Today’s world is a world that would prefer to call itself sinless. We all know, deep down inside, that is simply not true.  I have never been one who urges people to spend their lives in deep introspection trying to find every flaw and aggressively “pluck it out,” but we all need to reclaim the idea that we are sinners saved by the Grace of God.

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