The Reward

Mary Mother Of Jesus Vector Illustration

Mary Mother Of Jesus Vector Illustration (Photo credit: Vectorportal)

Talk about an awesome responsibility!  A girl given a staggering task – to give birth to and rear God on earth.  God didn’t entrust his Son to the Jewish high priest, to a wealthy benefactor, not even to the most holy, God-fearing man of the times.  He entrusted his Son to a teenage girl, without a husband, with no income, with no legal rights.  She had little life experience, no education, no property, no defense against the scurrilous attacks on her character.

Yet, Mary was willing.  She wanted what God wanted.  She had no agenda of her own.  She was willing to put Him first and herself last even if it meant that her moral reputation would be ruined, leaving her a social outcast.  She risked her relationship with her fiancé to do God’s will with the realization that she might come out of this without one earthly soul to stand by her side.  Why?  Her heart’s desire was to serve the Lord.  Nothing else on earth compared with that commitment.  That’s why God entrusted little Mary, barely an adolescent, with his Son.

And, Mary was faithful – to the God she worshipped, adored, and longed to serve.  When she didn’t understand all that was happening in her life, she was faithful to her task.  She never once wavered in her commitment to her Lord – her child.  She was faithful all the way to the cross as she witnessed every tortuous moment of the crucifixion.  She held His lifeless body and washed it with tears only a mother could shed.

What was Mary’s reward?  She got to know Jesus best.  She got to feed Him, kiss His toes, and sing ancient Hebrew songs to Him as His beautiful eyes finally closed in sleep.  He clasped His tiny fist around her index finger and blessed her with His first smile.  His chubby arms locked around her neck and she was the first person to hear Him say, “I love you.”  The horror of His death was erased three days later when He held her in His resurrected arms.  For her willingness to be used for God’s purpose, and for her faithfulness to her task, she was rewarded by knowing Jesus more intimately than any other person.

During this season of Advent, prepare your spirit by being committed to worship and faithful to the work of the Lord so that you may know Him better.  Make your heart’s desire to serve the Lord.

Reflection:  Father – Grant that I may be willing to serve you as Mary was.  Grant that I may be faithful even when I don’t understand

Monica Boudreaux

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  1. Excellent article! Very thought provoking.

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