A Place to Belong

Revolutionary War Pension Claim for Abijah Hub...

Revolutionary War Pension Claim for Abijah Hubbard signed by John C. Calhoun (Photo credit: Special Collections at Wofford College)

There was an episode of The Andy Griffith Show in which the Women’s Historical Society had discovered that a living descendant of a Revolutionary War hero was living right there in Mayberry. The news generated excitement and curiosity throughout the town as people made plans for recognizing the hero’s relative. Barney Fife, of course, twisted his own family tree to the point that he put himself in line for the honor. The rest of the townspeople felt special just because someone among them was related to the hero.
Everyone was shocked when the news came. A careful analysis of the genealogical records determined that the hero’s descendant was Otis Campbell, the town drunk. Despite instructions to find a “substitute Otis” for the presentation, the real Otis showed up for the ceremony. When the ladies gave him the plaque which they had engraved especially for him, Otis gave the plaque to the town. He said, “Just because you’re the descendant of a hero doesn’t make you one. So I would like to present this plaque to the town of Mayberry, to which I am just proud to belong.”

There is nothing more important in life than having a place to belong. For too many people this is so elusive today. This results in depression, adiction and so many other problems. The gospel is so simple. It says to come. Come as you are, not as you should be. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you find your place.

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