Missing the Very Best

A childhood accident caused poet Elizabeth Barrett to lead a life of semi-invalidism before she married Robert Browning in 1846. There’s more to the story. In her youth, Elizabeth had been watched over by her domineering father. When she and Robert were married, their wedding was held in secret because of her father’s disapproval. After the wedding the Brownings sailed for Italy, where they lived for the rest of their lives. But even though her parents had disowned her, Elizabeth never gave up on the relationship. Almost weekly she wrote them letters. Not once did they reply. After 10 years, she received a large box in the mail.  Inside, Elizabeth found all of her letters; not one had been opened! Today those letters are among the most beautiful in classical English literature. Had her parents only read a few of them, their relationship with Elizabeth might have been restored.

English: Portraits of Elizabeth Barrett Browni...

English: Portraits of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A closed mind and an unforgiving heart can cost us the very best that life has to offer. At that season of “peace on earth and good will towards all men” might we consider who we are holding at arms length because of some old grudge or misunderstanding. Many times people have walked into my office and told “if only“ stories of missing out so many thing in life. All to often these missed opportunities were cause by an unforgiving heart, a heart that was closed to the Spirit of the love and grace of God. Take the time to examine your own heart and ask whom am I holding at a distance? Let me urge you to then go top that person and embrace them in the Spirit of the God who loves them just as he loves you.

Jesus said “ I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.“ Is there a box of closed letters in your life? Are there people that have “nothing’ to say to you? God came to this world to show His love for us. He does not want us to suffer and languish in a spirit of bitterness and unforgivness.

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