Our Ever-present God

 One day Abba Daniel and Abba Ammoes went on a journey together. Abba Ammoes said, ‘When shall we, too, settle down, in a cell, Father?’ Abba Daniel replied, ‘Who shall separate us henceforth from God?   God is in the cell, and, on the other hand, he is outside also.’

——-Sayings of the Desert Fathers

When John Wesley began to preach outside it was seen as an innovation in his time. And yet some 1000 years earlier we see this Abba saying that God is outside as well. It is amazing that these men of the desert were so far ahead when it comes to seeing God in all His ways and places. Today we live in a time of conflicting styles of worship and even of questions about the presence of God. We may want to take the words of Abba Daniel to heart and realize that God is always with us. God is not trapped or confined to a building or a place. He is our ever-present God

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