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Sugared Water

English: Apple director Steve Jobs shows iPhone

Steven Jobs

Steve Jobs was a whiz at making computers, but there was a time when he needed some help in marketing his incredible little “magic boxes.” He was in need of an expert who could help him take Apple  into the ring against IBM. John Sculley became the target of Steve Jobs’ attention. Sculley, at age thirty-eight, had been Pepsi-Cola’s youngest president. He masterminded the Pepsi Generation ad campaign that dethroned Coke from the number one position for the first time in history. Steve Jobs knew it would take a lot to get Sculley. He wined and dined him and made numerous offers with money he didn’t even have, all to no avail. Sculley was content with his present and secure success. Finally, in desperation, Steve Jobs threw out a question of exasperation, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?” It was that single, piercing question which leveraged the greatest weight in John Sculley’s decision to leave his security at Pepsi and go to Apple for an opportunity to “change the world.” Christians, more than computers, have the “real” opportunity to change the world. Let’s not miss our purpose by remaining content to simply sell “sugared water.”

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