My Soul Is Rested

Freedom is cherished by every man,and the story I share today is about the endurance of a free spirit. There are many stories that emerged from the American civil rights movement, but this is one that speaks to the power of knowing that your cause is greater than you. When you are making a stand for a cause that drives you heart and soul, suffering is necessary and worthwhile.

Participants, some carrying American flags, ma...

Martin Luther King used to tell the story of Sister Pollard, a seventy-year-old African American woman who lived in Montgomery, Alabama during the now famous bus boycott. One day, after walking significant distances daily for several months, Sister Pollard was asked if she wanted a ride. When she answered, “No,” the person responded, “But aren’t you tired?” To which Sister Pollard answered, “My feets is tired, but my soul is rested.”

Resurrection living is moving beyond our fears and trusting that God is fashioning a way out of the difficulties of our lives.  It is a celebration of a promise that a new world is unfolding. This leads us to affirm  that our souls are rested. We will continue to face all kinds of challenges and struggles along the way; “our feets will be tired,” but our spirits will be strengthened through the presence of the risen Christ. This is the good news we celebrate every Easter. There is no tragedy that God cannot redeem, no dream- even the elusive dream of peace on earth—that the God who raised Jesus from the dead cannot energize and advance.

Christ is risen. Christ is risen indeed!

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