A Name or Image

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The Jesuit priest and modern mystic Anthony de Mello said: “Every word, every image used for God is a distortion more than a description.”  That is a very thought provoking assertion. The implication is that man is totally incapable of truly having a clear grasp of the might and majesty of God. Perhaps that in itself gives is a very clear picture of God.

Men have spent untold hours, written thousands of books, given sermons and lectures, all trying to fit God in our own little box. In all this, He eludes the words and thoughts of the wisest and greatest among us. Every time we have him figured out, He pops a new surprise on us. A single name or thought about God is impossible.

How can we begin to capture the one who hung the moon and the stars with a simple name? Perhaps the best answer is to admit He is our ultimate mystery. In our allowing Him to be mysterious, we discover a small portion of His power and might.

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