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The Duckling Lesson

One of the best things about riding a bicycle around town is that you get to observe things up close and personal. Bike riding puts you in the middle of the action. You can smell the smells, feel the heat and hear the sounds you miss in your car.

In a recent ride along Bayou St. John I noticed a mother duck and her ducklings swimming in the bayou. I stopped as she came on shore and began to lead them to a new spot. One of the ducklings began to lag behind the group and suddenly the volume of her “quacks” went up to an ear crushing sound. Sure enough the little slacker knew that it was a signal to speed up and catch up. He did and the rhymic quacking continued as they moved to a place to rest.

You may ask, how can this relate to the missional practice of a Christian?

Let’s think about that for a moment.

The ducklings began as a unit. It was not the mother duck that left the duckling behind but the duckling that moved slower than the rest.

—The mother duck had the best and the brightest duckling right behind her.
—The slacker was slowing down the journey.
—The slacker caused the mother to expend more energy.

What missional points can we gleam from this little story?

—We must allow for those who don’t follow the crowd.
—We must set the pace of our journey so that all can travel.
—We must expend energy and time to help those who are less motivated.

Remember we are called to care for each other as we are on the journey.

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