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Tell Me Please

Drawing of the Crucifixion by St. John of the ...

O woods and thickets,

Planted by the hand of my Beloved!

O green meadow,

Coated, bright, with flowers,

Tell me, has he passed by you?

—–Canticle of John of the Cross Stanza 4

In John’s words he refers to the woods and thickets as all of creation. As the soul searches for its place, it acknowledges the hand of God in all of creation. The emerald green meadow and the flowers that make it alive with color are all part of the creator’s eye. Then he asked nature if it is aware of the work of the creator? The struggle is to find the soul which is  the very center of our being. This center is where God dwells. For we were created in His image, and we are called to reflect on the beauty that God has created in us.

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