Precious Gift

G. Campbell Morgan, the noted British preacher of an earlier generation, once told a true story out of his own life that makes the point. Word came to him one day that a woman in his community was in dire circumstances. It was a desperate situation. She was a widow with three small children and she had run out of money. She was about to be evicted from her home. Dr. Morgan’s heart went out to her. He told his congregation her story and they also were moved to compassion. They took an offering for her and the people were amazingly generous.

Dr. Morgan was thrilled by their response and he couldn’t wait to go over to the widow’s home to present her this gracious love gift. He knocked on the front door, but no answer; no one came. He went around to the back door and knocked even more loudly, but no one came to the door. He shouted through the windows on the side of the house, but still there was no response. Dr. Morgan was so disappointed because he had this wonderful lifesaving gift, but no one would come to the door to receive it.

Later, that afternoon the widow called him. Someone had contacted her and told her about the purpose of the pastor’s visit, so she called him and said: “Oh Dr. Morgan, I’m so sorry I was inside the house all the time when you were knocking and calling… but you see, I didn’t come to the door because I was afraid… I thought you were the landlord coming to collect the rent, but you were a friend coming to bring a precious gift.”

What a parable for our time. How many among us hide from God? We hide because we are afraid of Him, and see him as a collection agent. We perceive him as a stern, determined landlord who demands more than we have. The good news is that God is nothing like that. He is loving, kind, giving and He wants to give you the precious gift of Himself


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  1. Thanks for this very warm story and its application to us.

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