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Prayer Is a Means to Salvation

Another good article on prayer.


Father Girardey explains that even a virtuous person needs to pray.

He writes: “However good and virtuous a man may be, he stands in constant need of divine grace to observe the commandments of God, to resist and overcome the temptations of the devil, the allurements of the world and the violence of his own passions, to perform the good works and duties of his state, and especially to persevere in the grace and friendship of God. But to be able to do all this, he must pray frequently and earnestly.”

“He who will not pray God for a necessary grace, does not really desire it; his lack of desire shows that he does not care for it, that he really does not want it. But, says St. Paul, ‘God is not mocked’ (Gal 6:7), and, therefore, He does not impart grace to him who does not want it or…

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Encourage Someone

Luke tells us of the apostle Paul, “When he had gone through those regions and had given the believers much encouragement.” Acts 20:2. It seems that the real calling of a Christian is to be an encourager. The question arises-How can you encourage someone?

Let me offer a few suggestions:

  • Write someone a handwritten note of just plain appreciation for just being your friend.

  • Call someone early in the morning and tell them something positive but true to start their day. (what a great pick up for the day)

  • Write someone a prayer note.

  • Smile at the waitress, cashier, stranger….

  • Take someone out to lunch ( that means you pay).

  • Allow merging traffic to merge!!

  • Buy flowers or candy for your wife, husband,partner,girlfriend or child.

Let’s all make this week the week we are intentional and missional about being encouragers. You can and will make a difference.


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