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A Word from Mr. Wesley

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“The Methodists must take heed to their doctrine, their experience, their practice, and their discipline. If they attend to their doctrines only, they will make the people antinomians; if to the experimental part of religion only, they will make them enthusiasts; if to the practical part only, they will make them Pharisees; and if they do not attend to their discipline, they will be like persons who bestow much pains in cultivating their garden, and put no fence round it, to save it from the wild boar of the forest.”

—–John Wesley

John Wesley expressed the importance of us becoming fully developed believers of Christ. The fully devoted believer does not become a one dimensional Christian. One of the greatest challenges that the postmodern church faces is to rediscover what it means to be a believer in our world setting. There are so many problems, hindrances, and obstacles that plague believers today. Retreating into a one dimensional faith can feel quite comfortably.

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