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Where Does Contemplation Go When Our Head is Busy? (Another Try)

This article has some very interesting quotes and thoughts.

Contemplative in the Mud

Dome: Saint Anthony Church in Lisbon

It’s a real experience: we contemplate, but there comes a time when tasks which are good in themselves and required in themselves occupy our heart and, especially, our mind. We have to think and go about our business. We have to take care of others. We have to take care of ourselves. We have a duty. Something comes up. Our concentration is not on the love and truth of contemplation in themselves.

Our head is busy.

Where does contemplation go? It doesn’t just disappear altogether. Because, when the moment is right and if we haven’t squashed the gift underfoot, we can regain the contemplative gaze on Jesus, when our concentration is freed up again.

So where does contemplation go where our head is busy?

I’ve tried a couple of approaches to this question (first here and then here). This is yet another approach. Previous approaches asked about the…

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