Forgiveness, Revenge and Prayer

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Abba Nilus said, ‘ Everything you do in revenge against a brother that has harmed you will come back to your mind at the time of prayer.’


—-Abba Nilus of the Desert

The Christian act of forgiveness is the most difficult of all Christian charisms. Repeatedly Jesus calls for us to turn the other cheek, go the second mile, and forgive seven times seventy, and yet this is not our created nature. We are created as “get even” people. As we follow Christ we are to become a new creation and to put the old behind us. After all, that is why God send the spirit to “dwell among us.” Forgiveness is sometimes elusive, but revenge is deadly. If we exercise revenge it will block our prayers. The Abba points out the importance of refraining from revenge, even when it may be justified. We are to strive to let nothing interfere with our prayers.

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