The Various Stages of the Monastic Life

I believe that the stages that lead to becoming a fully professing monk can be used as a model for the growth of all Christians. Read this, and try to apply it to your journey.


With the reception of three young men into the monastery’s novitiate last Wednesday and the Solemn Profession of Bro. John Paul, OSB the following day, we have received several questions related to the various stages of becoming a monk, what we refer to as the period of monastic formation.  Below in capsule form is a brief description of the various stages.  (For a more narrative exposition of these stages please see the Abbey’s website page on becoming a monk.)

Observer:  informal initial residence with the community for about four to six weeks.  The observer continues to wear lay clothing.

Postulant:  a more formal six month residence with the community, to discern one’s vocation and to prepare for novitiate.  The postulant wears lay clothing.

Novice:  The novitiate lasts one year and one day.  It is an intense year of education and work in the monastery, to discern…

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