How John Wesley Marketed His Small Group Program

This take on Wesley gives us something to think about. Give it a read.

Gary Neal Hansen

Try to start a program in your church and I bet some of these ideas will be in the conversation:

  • Tell people it will be fun.
  • Let them know it won’t be too demanding — we’re busy people.
  • Make sure they see it is going to make their lives happier.
  • Emphasize that they will meet friends, and deepen relationships.

In short, high on our list of goals is pleasing people. In a consumer culture we offer things people will want to consume.

It would, of course, be silly to make our goal to DISplease people.

But what if, instead, we started by aiming at a target worth reaching, chose a path that would reach the target, and just didn’t consider self-interest, enlightened or otherwise?

That is what John Wesley’s small group ministry looks like to me. (I’ve been posting on John Wesley’s distinctive approach to Christian community for a…

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3 responses to “How John Wesley Marketed His Small Group Program

  1. Thanks, Irvin, for reflagging this post on John Wesley. I have about six others so far, and more to come. Each post ends with a discussion question, and I’d always love to have you or your readers in the conversation!

  2. Oops — that pesky autocorrect function changed “reblogging” into “reflagging”

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