Re-channel Your Love

Corrie ten Boom

Years ago Corrie Ten Boom was engaged to be married to a young man who suddenly broke off the engagement and married her best friend. She was devastated. She came home crushed, lonely and isolated. She asked her father, “What do I do with a blocked love?”

He said, “Whenever you have a blocked love, re-channel it.” There are thousands of people in the world who need your love, and you can re-channel it.

What a fascinating concept it is to re-channel love. All over the world the love of good people is rejected. In most cases callous rejection of our deepest feelings, as it was with Corrie Ten Boom, brings on a period of desolation of the spirit that can lead to bitterness and anger. Probably the toughest trail that anyone can face is to have genuine love blocked. Such an experience can drive us to all kinds of abusive behaviors, drinking, drugs, suicidal thoughts, and many actions that bring ruin to our souls. The simple suggestion of taking the rejection of the greatest gift we have to offer and giving it to someone or something else has profound implications. Our world would be a dramatically different place if we could master the art of re-channeling love.

I don’t know if I have ever had the level of rejection that Corrie Ten Boom was feeling, but I can identify with her pain. At such a time, the easiest thing for anyone to do is to turn inward and live a life of anger and isolation. When Jesus says to turn the other cheek, to forgive seven times seventy, He is saying to us that love is never ending. Love is not suddenly spent and never to return when we experience loss and disappointment. We all face times when we must re-channel our love.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


Perhaps the burden is rejected love. He knows about rejected love, and He re-channels it to you and me.

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