Life in the Storm

Mark 6:45-51

             Sometimes it seems that our lives are a series of storms.  We try to live with stormy marriages, stormy relationships with our children, stormy connections with extended family, stormy job situations, and stormy financial conditions.  On and on, the storms rage in our lives.  We find ourselves tossed about, overrun, confused and frightened.  We desperately try to hold back the waves and still the vicious winds in our lives.  Finally, with a sense of helplessness, we realize that we can’t control the storm.

One night, Jesus’ disciples found themselves at the mercy of the violent winds and churning waves of the Sea of Galilee.  Just as they were about to abandon hope of controlling their small boat, they say Jesus walking on the sea toward them!  Talk about confused and frightened!  They thought they must be seeing a ghost!  But Jesus spoke to the disciples over the roar of the storm and said, “Cheer up!  I’m here, don’t be afraid.”  He gave them hope, and then he stilled the storm for them!

Jesus walks on the stormy seas of our lives even today.  Just as it seems we are about to be overcome by the hurt, the stress, the fear of our own personal storm, we can see Jesus as He calls out to us, “Cheer up!  I’m here, don’t be afraid.”  Just as He calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee for Peter and the other disciples, He will still your storm as well.  Jesus is the answer to your problems – whatever they are.  He still speaks to His people, cheers them, and gives them hope.  He will still walk on the troubled sea of your life and rescue you from the storm.

PRAYER:  Father – Help me depend on you when I face one of life’s storms.  Thank you for your great faithfulness to me.

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  1. I always look forward to and enjoy reading your daily posts! Nice start to my day! Thanks.

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