True Destiny

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2 responses to “True Destiny

  1. ‘Learn it well. Love was His meaning. Who showed you this? Love. What did He show you? Love. Why did He show it to you? For Love.’ Julian of Norwich.
    I love it when I read things by different people and they complement and balance what God already revealed to someone else, maybe at the same sort of time, or maybe hundreds of years apart. And I love how that person’s personality is like a filter – God’s spirit reveals itself through each person’s individuality, which is the way each was tenderly made. I have read that as we move closer to God, we become more and more ourselves. It’s breathtaking.
    Thank you for letting God appear through the ‘filter’ of who you are. I don’t know anyone IRL who thinks like this – there’s no one to talk to (at least, not while I’m ill) but God has provided with blogs such as yours. I am so grateful. You will never know how much it is appreciated 🙂

  2. Thanks, and be assured that you are in my prayers.

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