Pray, Believe and Work

The war-time song “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” parallels a truth revealed in a true story of a war veteran.

Prayer is the language

During WW II an army pilot and his co-pilot and crew were flying a B24. One day its controls jammed as they took off and they skimmed precariously low as they neared the mountains.

The co-pilot folded his arms and said, “Our number is up,” but the pilot, helped by the gunner, feverously worked at the controls and finally cleared the controls.

The pilot reports, “I got a transfer to another plane to get rid of the co-pilot. I want no fatalist at my side.”

Prayer is not a resignation to fate, but true Prayer pis employing the power that God makes available for Christian living.

We sing, praise God and pray, but the ammunition to fight life’s battles must be employed daily. Prayer is God’s channel of power to bless mankind.

We must pray, believe, and work!

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