Food for Thought-Thoughts on Robin Williams

An excellent post! Well worth reading.

Richard's Food for Thought

What I’m Thinking:

1. We’ll have to be careful not to romanticize suicide. Somehow it seems more glamorous or socially acceptable when artists and geniuses take the easy way out. Look at Hemingway. It’s a sad, lonely, grotesque way to die. No one should be allowed to get to that point in their lives.

2. We shouldn’t romanticize mental illness. Manic depression and bi-polar illness are serious medical conditions that make the lives of those afflicted incredibly difficult to live. Even those who are treated with medicine and the best therapeutic alternative aren’t guaranteed to live lives without incident. The darkness of such lives may produce moments of great light; however, this comes at tremendous personal and emotional costs. There is nothing to romanticize about this.

3. Robin Williams was a trenchant critic, through his comedy (over many years) of the excesses and abuses of power by the United States…

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