Life without God….REALLY???

Some interesting thoughts.

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ Raised in a conservative Evangelical Christian home, belief in God has been paramount to the very meaning and purpose my life. However, despite my upbringing I’ve always gone through seasons of doubt,

—) Does God really exist?

—) If God exists why do evil people prosper and good people die?

—) Where is God amidst tragedy?

One of the toughest issues related to my belief in God is the nastiness I’ve seen come from the very people (Christians) who purport to have a stranglehold on the doctrines and philosophies related to all things god. It’s tough to believe in God when Christians have been so evil towards me and in a more global sense; so evil to people throughout the world and throughout human history.

My podcast partner Kylie has recently abandoned her Christian faith (click) in favor of a more agnostic outlook on…

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