Some New Years Goals

– If you’re in a fight with a spouse, reconcile, even if you think you’re correct

– If you are struggling with your parents or your children, find what is beautiful and wonderful in them and compliment them directly for those gifts

– If there’s a coworker you know is sad about something or struggling with something, encourage that person to speak and release what he/she needs to speak about

– If your atmosphere is poisoned, bring joy and laughter to it

– If you see a homeless person on the corner, go out of your way to make sure you give something, without wasting time judging them or blaming them for their present predicament

– If someone asks you for something, give it to him

– If someone has recently had a loss, comfort as appropriate and try and help in a manner acceptable to that person

– If you have the means (and be honest about it), go volunteer in a homeless shelter or with youth

– Take kids from your church or neighborhood and do something with them – play sports, go for walks, tell stories, but give them a good time out of your own time, not the spare time

– Smile at everyone you see, a smile from the heart



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