Orthodoxy vs Orthopraxy

Orthopraxy is usually distinguished from orthodoxy. Orthodoxy refers to doctrinal correctness, whereas orthopraxy refers to right practice. What we see in many of the Eastern religions is not an emphasis upon verbal orthodoxy, but instead upon practices and lifestyles that, if you do them ,end up changing your consciousness.

Let’s get out and do something for God.


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3 responses to “Orthodoxy vs Orthopraxy

  1. MJH

    One of the things I like about Eastern Orthodoxy is a deep, abiding love for both. For their tradition, the orthodox person both believes and lives correctly. I guess it’s like St James — faith without works is dead!

  2. frthomas

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.

    Here are the thoughts it provokes in me.

    My attraction to Eastern Orthodoxy finds its primary source in the fact that they consistently place being before doing and the doing is the fruit of a synergistic relationship between the believer(s) and working Christ Jesus. While this is true, the place of obedience – an identifiable Christian way of living is essential. So, the result is not going out and doing something for God but rather joining God in what He is already doing within them, around them, and through them.

    The difference is massive and, I find it to be, for me and my household, the life-giving way.

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