A Contemplative Beginning

Here are some thoughts from The Cloud of Unknowing on the journey toward true contemplation.

  • Cloud-of-the-unknowingLet modest love prompt you to lift up your heart to god. Seek only God.
  • Think of nothing else other than God, keep your mind free of other thoughts
  • When you begin, you will experience a darkness, a cloud of unknowing.
  • You cannot interpret this darkness.
  • You will only comprehend a basic reaching out toward God
  • Accept this dark cloud – learn to live with it,
  • I believe that God, in His good pleasure, will grant you an instant of profound religious experience.


The ultimate desire of every believer is to establish a regular and comfortable line of communication with God. Take some time to think about what this unknown contemplative talked about over 600 years ago when he gave this advice to his readers. We are his readers today.


O God, all hearts are open to you. You perceive my desire. Nothing is hidden from you. Purify the thoughts of my heart with the gift of your Spirit, that I may love you with a perfect love and give you the praise you deserve.


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