Living Everyday

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Perhaps the biggest challenge we face in life is living a worthwhile and happy life each day. We live in a time where depression, anxiety, violence, and self-harm are common everyday occurrences. I cannot help but think how tragic and compelling school shootings were just a few years ago. This week we have experienced another one. It is no less tragic, but it is no longer what dominates our news cycle for days or even weeks. We can almost predict what the various politicians and political leaders will say if asked for a solution. Such happenings, and our reaction to them, point towards our problem.

Today’s world is one that is dominated by compulsive seeking. We seek money, fun, and anything we can measure by world standards. That uptight wound-up world brings us down to the depths of depression and anxiety. We are driven to do things and don’t always know why. Our souls are wounded by the desires we are taught are important and relevant. All that we do is please and care for our exterior needs. In doing so, we neglect the care of the soul. What does soul care look like?

Soul care understands that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Because of our created origin we are special. We need not scatter ourselves in 100 different directions seeking peace. There are not enough toys, money, popularity, and power on this earth to give us personal and spiritual fulfillment. Our completeness is born through the spirit of God that is in us. His spirit works from the inside out and not the outside in. Our world is baffled by that simple truth.
Soul care begins with slowing down -Not your physical pace but your mind. Give your brain a break, and it will thank you for it. Perhaps you can read things for no particular purpose. Take time out from your work and clear your head. Put down your cell phone for a few 15-minute breaks each day. Take a walk and look at the trees or just listen to music in your earphones. Cook a good meal and enjoy eating it. The list could go on and on, but I’ll leave that to you.

You can’t care for your soul without communicating with the one who created your soul. There is prayer, contemplation, reading of scripture, and simple silence. When we pray let us begin with our awe at the fact that there is a God. He knows there will be plenty of time for the requests later. Contemplation is a much-used and much-abused practice. In its simplest form, it is clearing the mind of the world and making room for God. Reading of scripture should be allowing the stories of God to make a difference in your soul. We need to listen more than we try to learn. In that listening, we will learn the mysteries of life. Lastly, there is simple silence. I separate it from contemplation because I have a special instruction. TURN OFF EVERYTHING!  Fast from the TV, computer, cell phone put the book down and hear the natural sound of the world. You can contemplate while, reading, listening to music but silence is fasting from all things.  All things I have mentioned can be ways of discovering God in everyday life.

Perhaps one of the best things you can do for Holy Week, or any other week, is to pick a practice and stick with it. As you care for your soul you will love God, yourself and others in a remarkable way. Let us grab for that mystical inner happiness and satisfaction that is so elusive.


Lord, guide me to take an inventory of my inner life. Let me set aside the driving ambition and torrid rush towards the perishable things. Teach me to set new directions that will lead me to peace and happiness.


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