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Pads, Pens and Princesses

I found myself sitting in a nicely appointed hotel room in Baton Rouge and in the solitude of the moment my mind began to wander to things that seem far off and long ago. My attention was drawn to the desk in the corner of the room. It was a fully equipped desk with all the trappings that one might expect, a phone with an extra jack for a laptop, a comfortable chair, a reading lamp an, of course, the pad and pen that bore the name of the hotel. The little pad and pen combination took me on a trip back to a more simple time of my life.

It seemed as if yesterday the pad and pen were the most important items in the room and were to be coveted and cherished. They were, after all, very special to my little princess, better known as my daughter. I would always grab them up quickly and put them in my bag to be presented to her when I returned home. To her they were special treasures that Daddy would bring to his little princess; it was our little father-daughter ritual. As my mind returned to the reality of the day, I knew the pad and pen duo  was  not nearly as important to me as it once was. My daughter is now an adult, and those treasures that were once so special are now insignificant. Our relationship is no longer based on a daddy’s love for his make believe princess who sees that pad and pen as a treasure to be cherished, but the love of a father who sees his daughter in a whole new light.

It would be a real tragedy for me to expect that my relationship with my daughter would never grow or change in any way. Such a warped way of looking at a relationship would probably end in no relationship at all. So it is with our relationship to God .It must grow and mature and change with each new discovery and challenge in life.  Christians often come to a standstill in their spiritual lives based on some pad and pen theology formed long ago.

The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us” for everything there is a season and a time for everything under the sun.” Yes, there is a time for pads and pens for God, but if we are to grow spiritually we must move to a more mature approach to God. Let us always cherish those special things from the early days of our relationship with God, but do allow the season to pass. God always has greater things ahead for us. He allows us to grow, mature and reach new heights as we continue to pour ourselves out to him.

All that said, I still thank God for my time of Pads, Pens and Princesses.


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