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The Perfect Gift

About 2000 years ago, God sent us the perfect love gift – Jesus Christ. From His miraculous birth to His miraculous resurrection, the life of Jesus tells humankind the greatest love story of all time. The heart of God and His awesome love for us is clearly revealed in the image of His perfect Son in a crude feeding trough and on a crude wooden cross. The forgiveness and freedom He accomplished there exacted a price that only God could pay. The extraordinary thing about God’s gift, is that it is freely given to all people – no favorites, no exclusions. Your name is on God’s gift list! You are included!

All that Jesus accomplished for you and me was intended to bring the abundance and delight of God’s love and grace into our lives. For Christians, every day should be a unique opportunity to revel in that freedom and show that grace to others.

Christ should bring to mind love images for those of us who are believers. An innocent virgin-born baby in a manger with the glow of heaven on His face. A savior – healing with His gentle touch, calming a storm with His mighty words, playfully cuddling children on His lap.

Christ_in_Garden_GethsemaneDuring this season of Lent, we must also see Christ heartsick and weeping in a garden, hanging broken and bleeding on a cross, and gloriously alive after the resurrection.

In response to this great gift of love, Christians should bring to mind love images to the world. Non-judgmental people with our hearts and arms open to all. People who practice peace and scatter hope. People who understand forgiveness and look for the good.

Jesus Christ – God’s perfect gift for all people, for all time. You are on the gift list.

PRAYER: Father – Thank you for the perfect gift of Christ. Thank you for including us all.

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Many are familiar with the beautiful poem, “Footprints.” In this story, a man dreams that he has a talk with Jesus about his life. Like all of us, this man had a life full of triumphs and tragedies, love and loneliness, happiness and sadness. And like all of us, he had a lifelong relationship with God that was at times close and committed and at times distant and unclear.

FootprintsThe man and Jesus were walking along a sandy seashore and having a conversation that reviewed that man’s life. The man noticed that many times there were four footprints in the sand as the walk of life progressed. Jesus explained, “These are the times when we walked together. The times you shared your life with me, and I stood beside you every step.” But the man became troubled when he noticed that in his most painful, dark times of life there was only one set of footprints. He questioned the Lord as to why he had been abandoned and left to walk those times alone. Jesus explained these times, also. “My child, the reason that you see only one set of footprints is because those were the times I lifted you into my arms and carried you because you could not walk alone.” All was explained to the man except the occasional places along life’s walk where there seemed to be many footprints going in all directions in a hectic pattern in the sand. Jesus smiled and replied, “My son, these are the times when we danced!”

On this God Friday, remember those marvelous occasions when you have rejoiced in life. Those overwhelmingly happy moments of life when your Lord “danced” with you! Take every opportunity to put on your dancing shoes!

PRAYER: Father – Help me to remember with joy marvelous moments in life, and help me now to “dance” with wonder at the blessings you give me.

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The last hours of Jesus’ life bear powerful truths for our daily living. Lessons and principles for following Christ are to be learned in almost every event of those last hours. Watch and learn…

On Thursday night, Jesus ate the traditional Passover meal with His disciples.Cross That night, He performed an act of great humility. The Messiah washed the feet of His apostles. He taught them that to be great, you must be small. The way to lead is to serve. Remember Jesus washing the disciples’ dirty feet if you feel unimportant, unempowered, or small.

Peter didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet. He declared his loyalty, even to the death. But Jesus sadly informed him that he would vehemently deny knowing the Savior three times before the rooster would crow in the morning. Remember Peter as he heard the rooster crow early Friday morning if you feel self-sufficient or confident in your own resources alone.

After the meal, Jesus went to the garden to pray. His followers chose sleep, not prayer. In the loneliness of those hours, Jesus’ heart was in great agony as He accepted death for our salvation. Remember Jesus kneeling alone in the garden if you find it hard to do the right thing.

Then, came the trials. First, Christ stood before the Jewish high court, the Sanhedrin; then, the Roman governor, Pilate; next, Herod, the Jewish puppet king; and finally back to Pilate again. In cowardice, Pilate let the people choose: Jesus or Barrabus, a convicted criminal. Remember Jesus as He heard the crowd shout, “Crucify him. Give us Barrabus!” if you feel wrongfully accused.

The Roman soldiers beat Him, crowned Him with thorns, mocked Him and made Him carry His cross. Remember the humiliation of Jesus on the Via Dolorosa if you feel rejected or excluded.

Jesus was nailed to the cross with huge spikes that cut through His flesh. In the midst of His torture, He prayed for His executioners. Remember Jesus’ words, “Father, forgive them,” if you find it hard to forgive

Those same soldiers gambled for His clothes. Remember how Jesus must have felt as the soldiers played games at the foot of the cross if you feel discouraged by power struggles, feel used or feel misunderstood.

There are lessons to be learned from all suffering, but the passion of Christ shows us the true heart of God. The Lenten season gives us 40 days to ponder Christ’s passion and learn from it.

PRAYER: Father – Give me the wisdom to learn lessons of service and humility as I consider Christ’s passion.

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Passion Knowledge

crucifixionI thought I had some sense of the passion of Christ, but still I desired more by the grace of God.

I thought that I wished to have been at that time with Mary Magdalen and the others who were Christ lovers, and therefore I desired a bodily sight wherein I could have more knowledge.

—-Julian of Norwich

Many times, but especially during the Lenten season, we set our minds on the passion of the Christ. What did He endure on the cross? Why did he do it? Did he really have to suffer so much? Julian, however, didn’t ask the same questions, instead she just wanted to be there. Somehow she desired to mystically experience the emotions of the moment. Julian intuitively knew that physical presence could bring knowledge that would thrust her closer to Her Savior. Our task is to seek that same familiarity so that we can function as emissaries of the promise of the passion. That promise is grace. As we feel with the Christ, we can offer the message of His grace with the same freedom.

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