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The Beacon of the Cross

Easter Sunday is past, but the story remains. The mystical story of life over death gives us hope and victory and rests our souls.

Christ is risen!

                                  He is risen indeed!

Harry Emerson Fosdick tells this story: Some years ago a little church on the coast of England was ruined in a hurricane. The congregation thought themselves unable to rebuild. Then one day a representative of the British Admiralty came to the clergyman to ask if they intended to reconstruct the church. The clergyman explained why they could not do it. “Well,” said the representative of the British navy, “if you do not rebuild the church we will. That spire is on all our charts and maps. It is the landmark by which the ships of the seven seas steer their course.” A true parable, that! Never more than now, when the souls of men need divine help, stable and secure, strong, Cross and sreeplesustaining, and empowering, is the church’s message needed.

Though the hurricane of hell brought the sins of the world down upon the body of Christ, crushing the life from Him, that body was rebuilt on Easter. Today, the spire of the cross stands as our chart and map. Calvary’s cross is the landmark by which the church and its followers steer their course.

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Dark Night of the Church

English: Marsh Lane, Easter Sunday 2008 Photo ...

English: Marsh Lane, Easter Sunday 2008 Photo taken from Burgate on Easter Sunday morning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frederick Buechner wrote that “dreams of fame and fortune die hard if they ever die at all.” Sometimes it takes a long, dark night of the soul before those dreams die, before they are wrenched from imaginations that cling to them. And sometimes it’s God who does this work in us.

Is there also, as Elaine Heath asks in her book The Mystic Way of Evangelism, a dark night of the church? Are we experiencing it? Is God at work wrenching our alluring memories of social prominence and significance from our minds, ripping dreams of fame and fortune from our imaginations? Recently a church member mentioned the “good old days” when we had to put up folding chairs in the aisles on Easter Sunday. Is God inviting us to let go of those days and the accompanying dreams and memories?

(Christian Century 12/14/12)

I would call us all to ask ourselves if we are living with a dream of reviving the past rather than a vision of building the future. The church’s future cannot be achieved unless we are ready to embrace the fact that our beloved church is in a time of darkness, a darkness brought on not by lack of conviction or faith but  lack of love and grace. We will not bring the church out of it’s “dark night” by imposing tougher and more Spartan rules and yearning for the good old days. The future will be found as we fall down on our knees in prayer and lift our hands and voices  in cries for justice.

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