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Acres of Diamonds

English: As-grown HPHT diamonds

There is an old story told about a man by the name of Ali Facid. He had a small farm and a family. One day, the story goes, a Buddhist priest came by and said to Ali Facid: You know, there are valuable stones called diamonds, and if you get one of these you could be a wealthy man.” Ali Facid went to bed that night, but the words of the old priest haunted him. He was so obsessed that he felt that he must find him one of these diamonds so that he could become a ruler. He sold his farm, put his family out to neighbors and went out to find his acres of diamonds. Months passed. He was broken in body and spirit. His funds were gone. And at the Bay of Barcelona, he threw himself into the water, never to walk this earth again.

 Meanwhile, the man who bought his farm bent over one day and picked up a little stone. He laid it on the mantle that night not knowing what it was. A few days later the old Buddhist priest came by and saw it and exclaimed: Ali Facid must be back from his search. No, came the response. Then where did that diamond come from? The farmer replied: I was out plowing in the garden and found it there. And friends, did you know that from that very garden came the jewels and diamonds that today adorn the crown heads of Europe and Russia. In Ali Facid’s own back yard there were acres of diamonds and he knew it not.

  This is an old and often repeated story that speaks loudly to us. We, many times, neglect to see what’s around us for the adventure of a dream. That dream takes us away from the real blessings that God has given us.

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