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Into the Expectation

We who ourselves used to have pleasure in impure things now cling to chastity alone. We who dabbled in arts of magic now consecrate ourselves to the good and unbegotten God. We who formerly treasured money and possessions more than anything else now hand everything over to the treasury for all, and share it with everyone who needs. We who formerly cheated and murdered one another and did not even share our home with those who were different or from a different tribe, because of their customs, now, after Christ’s appearance, live together and share the same table. Now we pray for our enemies and try to win who hate us unjustly so that they too may live in accordance with Christ’s wonderful teachings, that they too might enter into the expectation.

 —–Justin Martyr 

Justin guides us to recognize the way of the Christian. When we come to Christ all of life looks so different, and we enter into the expectation. The expectation is that we can change and become the person that we could only imagine before we embraced His grace. Our prayer is that we can fully realize the life that Christ has for us.

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