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The Cunning Craftsman

In her play, “The Zeal of Thy House,” Dorothy Sayers imagines a stonemason working on an intricate carving for the chancel of Canterbury Cathedral. He then drops his carving tool and ruins the stone. This devastates him because the valuable and custom-cut stone is ruined. The designer, however, takes the tool out of the stonemason’s hand and begins restoration. He brings forth out of the spoiled stone a new and different figure which has its own part to play in the Cathedral, and then permits the blundering mason to complete it in all its glory. “So works with us,” concludes Dorothy Sayers, “the cunning craftsman, God.”

stone masonAs I tell this story, I cannot shake the phrase from my mind: “The cunning craftsman, God.” In this situation, the word cunning does not mean some kind of craftiness or deceit. The word is taken in its purer sense indicating skill, wisdom and ability. The phrase then really means that the Master artist God can take our awkward efforts and make something useful out of them. He takes our mismanaged lives, our failed efforts, our missed marks, our shameful deeds, our alien attitudes, our sinful lives and with His divine resourcefulness He saves the day. He creates something new, worthy and wonderful that still has usefulness and beauty in the divine plan of things. We desperately need this type of assurance.

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Jesus is in the Room — Luke 24:36-53

English: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...

English: Jesus Christ – detail from Deesis mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The baby born in Bethlehem came to die. His miraculous birth and his miraculous death and resurrection were eternally linked.  The crucifixion was shattering to his disciples.  They were lost without the Master and confused about the validity of their faith and the future of the Kingdom they had just begun to envision.  Nothing made sense anymore, and they were consumed by loss.  The desperation in the room had taken on a life of its own.  So, the disciples sat huddled in darkness and fear.

Suddenly, Jesus was in the room!  In that one miraculous moment, with His resurrected presence, everything changed.  Prophecies fulfilled.  Parables lived.  Mysteries cleared.  Fear melted away.  Hope soared.  Peace settled.  Courage took hold.

Over the years of my life, I have known the presence of Jesus.  I have known, without one shadow of doubt, when He was in the room.  He has calmed my fears in anxious moments.  He has given me hope in times of my deepest despair.  He has provided for me a peace that defies understanding in the midst of great turmoil.  He has shown me grace in my most unworthy actions.  He has blessed me with healing in devastating brokenness.

So many things happen to us in life.  We must handle both joy and sorrow on this journey.  Broken family relationships, sickness, death, financial crises thrust us into situations where we, much like those early disciples, seem paralyzed and huddled in darkness and fear.  The great thing one must remember and acknowledge is that His presence will be ever with us to heal and comfort and bless us with His grace and peace.  His resurrected Presence gives meaning to the journey – Jesus is in the room.

 Reflection – When have you known that Jesus was in the room?

 Monica Boudreaux

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