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Goodness or Resentment

English: Richard Rohr at a conference in Pragu...

 Richard Rohr at a conference in Prague 

People who are already good, tend to be good and forgiving to me. People who are already resentful or negative, tend to be that way with me too. Why do I bother to take either the credit or the blame? It is mostly about them! Yet it still has much to teach me too.

Richard Rohr

This thought has two messages. First,understand that not all  the bad things that come your way are your doing. Second, are you good or resentful?

Lord God our greatest rewards come when we make life more fulfilling for others. May you give us the wisdom to spend this day as “other centered” people. Center us in your circle. Forgive when we vie for the chief seats and make our ways a blessing to all we meet. Amen

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Don’t worry about your apparent lukewarmness

CelticCross1Don’t let yourself get demoralized or discouraged if it seems to you that you’re not doing anything, that you’re cowardly and lukewarm. Or if you see that you’re still subject to natural affections, thoughts of pride, and sadness. Just try to forget these things. Turn your mind toward God, keep yourself before Him with the peaceful and continual desire that He should make of you, and in you, the holiest things that He wills. Seek only to forget yourself and to walk before Him amidst your poverty without ever looking at yourself… As long as you worry about these movements of nature, you will be busy with yourself. And as long as you are busy with yourself, you won’t advance very far in perfection. These movements will only stop when you scorn and forget them. Besides, I assure you, they are of no importance or consequence whatsoever—make fun of them and look only toward God. And do so in a spirit of pure and simple faith.

Excerpt from: “Look For Peace and Pursue It”

Jacques Philippe,

ed. des Béatitudes.

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