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Humbled Soul

English: Sfanta Melania Română: Sfanta Melania

English: Sfanta Melania Română: Sfanta Melania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Nothing humbles the soul more than the scarcity of bread and water. When the enemy wants to take a city, he first stops the food and water supplies, and they thus give themselves up even against their will. So is it for a monastic-unless he restrains his stomach with hunger and thirst, he cannot rid himself of evil thoughts


——Amma Sarah

There will always be a question of just how our souls are humbled. The advice of this Desert Mother is clear. If we can train our bodies to be disciplined we are able to withstand the assualt of the enemy. Our ability to willingly sacrifice in the name of God can make us strong.Prayer and fasting are the best disciplines to bring us to unity with God.



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Why Pray?

The Lord’s Prayer is an expression of faith which assumes that human beings are not self-sufficient but dependent on God. It is not a sign of weakness to pray but a sign of our humanity, because prayer acknowledges our need for God .In his book, The Reaffirmation of Prayer, E. Glenn Hinson says that “the key to human existence lies in surrender to God, putting one’s self and one’s affairs utterly and with complete child-like trust in God’s hands.”

We see prayer as something that exists when we have exhausted all other options. It would serve us well to become “children” of God. People are called to look to God at all times because He wants to be our strength and salvation. Our lives need to be totally surrendered to His loving care.

How often do you pray? Why do you pray?What do you pray for?  Do you have a time and place for prayer? Think about these questions today and try to arrive at a practice of prayer that works for you. All of us are different and will develop varying ways of offering our prayer to God, but everyone a needs to spend time with God

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